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Salesforce Integration with BCS iConnect

Intelligent Integration


BCS iConnect allows Salesforce users to upload and retrieve business related documents from any content repository (e.g. SharePoint on premise, SharePoint Office 365, FileNet, M-Files, Documentum, etc.).  For environments that have multiple repositories iConnect provides seamless access to multiple information sources.

Leveraging this integration capability, organizations can provide users with access to content and metadata that exists in disparate applications while working within Salesforce.


BCS iConnect is a middleware integration platform that streamlines content centric business processes, enhances enterprise content security, information governance, and dramatically improves productivity. iConnect connectors allow bidirectional integration between line of business (LoB) applications and back-end systems (e.g. Content Repositories, ERP applications, Databases, eSignature applications).

Integrating BCS iConnect and Salesforce expands the reach of Salesforce implementation to make other applications more useful, no matter whether the content resides on premise or in the cloud. A significant strength of this integration method is that it is a no or low-code approach that does not require customization. Integrating iConnect functions are easily accomplished using out of the box configuration methods.

Salesforce to iConnect integration follows key principals for securing access to information. iConnect provides flexibility in the configuration of content security. Sensitive Data is secured through URL encryption, database encryption, sensitive data retrieval on demand and secure auditing and logging.




  • Allows users to continue working in Salesforce without having to re-train them to use another Document Management System (DMS).
  • Retrieve and upload documents into DMS without any custom development.
  • Dynamic creation of folders/security in DMS based on business rules configured in BCS iConnect.
  • Enables organizations to integrate their DMS repositories with Salesforce while fully leveraging Enterprise Content Management functionality (e.g. hierarchy, security).
  • End users do not need to create or navigate complex repository structures.
  • Ensure documents are compliant by storing them in the correct hierarchy with appropriate metadata and security.
  • Enhanced user experience by providing a fully integrated and configurable interface.
  • Ability to seamlessly connect to multiple Document Management Systems.

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