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BCS Advanced Capture

Enterprise document capture solutions have typically been complex to build, with a high cost of ownership and little integration with your ECM system or ERP/LOB applications. BCS® Advanced Capture provides you with the integration capabilities you need giving you a configurable, user-centric capture solution that supports a wide range of scanning solutions from high-volume, centralized scanning to low-volume, remote transaction capture. BCS Advanced Capture uses your existing Multi-Function Centers (MFC) and seamlessly bridges the gap between paper and your document repository.


BCS® Advanced Capture Overview

The Kodak Scan Station together with BCS iConnect® technology creates an enterprise document capture solution that provides end use simplicity, is secure, cost effective and scalable. This solution integrates into many ERP and Line of Business (LOB) applications such as:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • JD Edwards
  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft
  • Workday
  • Infor
  • IFS
  • Netsuite
  • Legacy Apps

BCS Advanced Capture® also works with most major document management systems including Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.


iConnect for Kodak 730 Scan Station

The Kodak Scan Station together with BCS® iConnect technology creates an overlay document capture solution that is a key component of the BCS Information Governance Strategy.

With BCS iConnect you can now extend the capabilities of the Kodak Scan Station 730 to become your distributed desktop electronic bridge between paper and digital workflows. Scanned documents are transformed into electronic images that can then be easily and instantly secured, centralized, shared, stored, and managed.

BCS iConnect provides complete synchronization between your document’s management system and enterprise information systems.The benefit of this integration is that our clients receive a capture solution that is user-centric, configurable, scalable, and can take full advantage of the growing popularity of the Kodak Scan Station 730.


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