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Decommissioning Legacy Applications with BCS and EMC InfoArchive


Its more important than ever for IT departments to reduce cost. With 70 percent of IT budgets spent on supporting existing systems, organizations are focusing on one area to achieve maximum savings — reducing the support costs of legacy applications.

Retaining these obsolete applications can be a costly endeavor. The applications require staff to support them, generating on going labor costs. Knowledge of the applications must be retained within the organization to enable continued access to the data in these systems. Legacy applications also generate server costs for data centers, as well as ongoing software licensing and maintenance costs.

Moreover, with the increasing demands associated with meeting compliance and discovery requirements, data held in legacy systems has become critical to the business. The risk of data loss from legacy system obsolescence is high, and data held on legacy systems must be included in discovery processes.


Quick and easy search

A web-based interface enables search of data from decommissioned applications and even allows for cross-application searching.

Chain of custody

Ensure that data is not tampered with and there is an unbroken chain of custody from the point of data extraction to future usage.

Standards-based extraction

Data is stored as XML, an industry standard, future-proof, and application-independent format.

Low cost

Leverage your existing infrastructure and technology investments with a lightweight, simple-to-use solution from EMC to retire suitable legacy applications in a cost-effective manner.

Establish a future-proof data archive

Application retirement using decommissioning technology moves legacy content into a modern, standards-based XML database, which ensures that it is easily accessible at any point in the future.




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