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Clinical Archiving

As healthcare organizations transition to a next generation EHR to replace multiple clinical systems, challenges remain with legacy clinical systems. Clinicians are demanding access to historical patient records. And health IT costs are soaring as legacy systems are kept alive solely for the patient information they contain. This leaves little left to invest in innovation and degrades patient care.

EMC Clinical Archiving allows you to cost-effectively decommission obsolete clinical systems and integrate this information to the EHR to give clinicians seamless access to the complete patient record. And by retiring these legacy systems you become able to re-invest in innovation that improves patient care and process improvement.

How does it work?

EMC Clinical Archiving enables healthcare organizations to retire clinical legacy system applications to reduce costs and maintenance, maintain long-term patient records, and comply with regulatory requirements. The solution employs a unique methodology to ensure success:

  1. Extract structured and unstructured patient information from multiple systems and multiple encounters.
  2. Transform the data by merging and reorganizing it in a logical way to improve clinical decision support.
  3. Preserve medical data in its natural form—regardless of original source, location or format—in a non-proprietary, application-independent format within a unified archive conforming to OAIS.
  4. Provide clinicians on-demand access to all archived patient records, documents and images within the EHR/EMR with the solution’s web-based interface.


To learn how to improve care with access to the complete patient record and save by eliminating the costs of legacy systems, click the button below.


BCS Products: BCS iConnect, BCS ActiveArchive

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