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Kofax Capture Products

Kofax Capture™ products provide a standard, automated and consistent process for securely capturing all types of inbound documents and information, wherever it is first available — whether a central office or digital mailroom, from a customer’s home, a local branch office or even remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

They accelerate business processes by collecting documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, actionable information, and delivering it into your line of business applications, workflows, repositories and databases. Whether information is on paper or in electronic files, in a central office or scattered on desktops and remote offices throughout the world — Kofax captures it all quickly and accurately, ensuring complete chain of custody of the content and accelerating core business processes and solutions.


Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Capture and classify greater volumes of content at the point of entry, and route process-ready information to multiple processes faster and more effectively.

Improve Accuracy

  • Boost data accuracy and eliminate lost documents by deploying advanced data classification, transformation, and tracking technologies that dramatically reduce human handling and error.

Implement Next-Generation Customer Service

  • Impress customers and spark sales with fast, hassle-free account openings using touchless processing of enrollment forms and timely, interactive communications through every channel and device.

Extend Mobile Capabilities to New Processes

  • Simplify and accelerate information-intensive processes such as new customer onboarding, mortgage processing, compliance management, mobile deposit, mobile bill pay and more.

Integrate Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Give managers a 360° view of operating performance across the entire business process to aid in making fact-based and timely decisions.

Build a Rock-Solid Compliance Platform

  • Systematically track documents and data from the moment they enter your organization to final archive, facilitating efficient audits and compliance with financial regulations.


Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture™ automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming them into accurate and actionable information, and delivering it all into core business applications, processes and workflows.

This can significantly reduce retrieval costs while improving regulatory and compliance efforts. Kofax Capture is flexible and scalable, enabling customers to define where and how images are captured and indexed, whether in a home office, remote branch or back office data center.

Improve the Accuracy and Impact of the Capture Process

Whether information is on paper or in electronic files, parked at a central office or scattered on desktops and remote offices throughout the world, Kofax Capture can help capture it all.

Offering unmatched scalability, Kofax Capture is a powerful, enterprise ready, production level capture platform. It captures information from virtually any source: scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, email, fax, web service or folder. It automates processes at the perimeter of the organization or wherever documents are received, regardless of the location, source, language or type.

Regardless of the hardware or enterprise applications used, Kofax Capture ensures consistent document capture, indexing and validation of all the important information throughout an organization.


Kofax Transformation Modules

Kofax Transformation Modules adds automatic document classification, page separation, data extraction and validation capabilities to Kofax Capture. It eliminates the time and human effort required to understand the large volumes of documents and the related information. Once data is extracted, it is routed to the appropriate systems and staff within the organization.

By automating what were previously error-prone and time-consuming tasks, the system can significantly reduce labor costs, improve information quality and accelerate business processes. It replaces expensive document sorting, filing and data entry processes to significantly increase productivity and accelerate throughput of data collection.

Kofax Transformation Modules can be configured and trained to provide Touch-less Processing for information intensive applications, eliminating the time and human effort required to understand documents and the information on those documents. Once documents are accurately classified and data is extracted, the system automatically routes them to the appropriate systems and staff within the organization.

Kofax Transformation Modules running on the Kofax Capture platform enables organizations to leverage a single solution for automating document and data processing tasks, resulting in a rapid and highly scale-able payback on investment.


Kofax Customer Communications Manager

Engage with Your Customers Across Multiple Channels

The power to communicate when, where and how your customers prefer is now here. With Kofax Customer Communications Manager your business can now create relevant, accurate, and content personalized for your customer. This content can now be delivered in both paged (e.g. print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g. email, HTML, and XML).

This powerful solution is ideal for ANY outbound communications such as insurance quotes, contracts, proposal estimates and mortgage documents. CCM reduces Line-of “Business managers™ dependency on the IT department and puts them in control of customer correspondence.


Our CCM is fully integrated with Kofax applications such as KTA  Kofax TotalAgility® and Kofax SignDoc®. With CCM, your business processes become fully interactive, allowing all correspondence with your customers to be managed digitally.

Improve Communications With Your Customers

Improve your customer satisfaction by enhancing THEIR experience by allowing Kofax Customer Communications Manager to communicate more effectively and accurately.

Easily Customize Your Communications

Customers needs and external market demands are continuously changing! Use our CCM to stay ahead of the curve and beat the competition by compressing the response time.

Browser-based Interactive Document Composition

Users can now navigate the document composition process, select text blocks or edit content elements and additional data by using the guided browser-based wizard.

Produce Documents in Real-Time, No User Interaction Needed

Process documents using application data in real time by sending a request to the our CCM server.

Empower Business Users to Manage Customer Communications

Business users can easily create and manage vital documents and templates and free up IT to focus on more important duties.

Edit Documents with Your Standard Business Applications

Edit your documents in a familiar environment with the integration of MS Word and Open


Kofax Kapow

Kofax Kapow information integration and automation platform is the fastest and most efficient way to acquire, enhance, and deliver information especially from websites and web portals into enterprise applications. Information that was previously unattainable, unusable, or costly to integrate is now readily consumable to drive productivity and insight into the decision-making process. Kapow puts the power of external web data, combined with internal data sources, directly into the hands of users, so employees are informed, agile and empowered. With its scalable and high performance integration engine and intuitive visual design environments, Kapow helps to build and integrate data-driven workflows to automate processes that span across external websites and web portals, internal enterprise applications and databases, and Excel, driving efficiency and improving profitability.


Kofax TotalAgility® Overview

TotalAgility combines information capture, business process management (BPM), dynamic case management, collaboration, mobility and analytics to solve the First Mile™ challenges of effectively processing real-time, information-rich customer interactions.

TotalAgility provides an essential link between systems of engagement and systems of record to help increase responsiveness to customers, improve service levels to gain competitive advantage, and better manage and grow business while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

TotalAgility also incorporates multi-channel capture for batch or transaction based capture applications across centralized and distributed sites—as well as at the Point of Origination™ when and where customer facing interactions occur—eliminating the need to integrate disparate capture products.


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Kofax Customer Communications Manager

The power to communicate when where and how your customers prefer is now here thanks to BCS and Kofax Customer Communications Manager.

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