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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Create a digital workforce with RPA

With the costs of maintaining manual workflows quickly becoming untenable for organizations, the time is right for process automation.

With BCS iConnect and RPA technology you can rid your organization of manual minefields and information silos. You will also be able to free your workers to focus on knowledge work rather than manual repetitive tasks. Also, you will be able to uncover process optimization opportunities and avoid pitfalls before they materialize.


ideal-tasks-for-rpa-2A day in the life of a robot 

As a key component of an overarching process transformation strategy, RPA is ideal for performing the following types of tasks:

– Opening emails and attachments

– Logging into web/enterprise applications

– Moving files and folders

– Pulling data from the web

– Copying and pasting data between applications

– Connecting and interacting with systems via user application interface

– Following “if/then” decisions and rules

– Extracting and reformatting data into Microsoft Excel reports

– Connecting data with business intelligence dashboards

– Extracting structured and semi-structured data from electronic documents such as PDFs

– Collecting social media data for sentiment analysis

– Merging data from multiple sources

– Automating Calculations

– Comparing content between systems

– Filling in Online forms

– Reading and writing to databases

Deploy your Own Software Robot Team 

Effortlessly Integrate Information

Automatically Acquire and use data from websites, portals and enterprise applications. 

Free Up Human Talent 

Empower employees to apply more nuanced skills while software robots complete repetitive tasks.

Keep a Lid on Costs 

Automatically run complex integrations without the need for costly and time-consuming coding. 


Avoid Human Error

Complete processes the same way every time and improve outcome reliability and accuracy.

Flex to the Need

Deploy new software robots as your business priorities change – in days, not months. 

Reduce Cycle Time 

Save budget by infusing intelligence into business processes that can be continually reviewed and improved 

blue-simple-visualSimple, visual, data flow design

Leverage a visual, fully integrated development environment (IDE) for developing integration flows by simply navigating an application or data source. Built for both technical and non-technical (business analyst) users.



Access to any data source

Access web sites, portals, multiple file types (XML, CSV), Excel, calling applications via SOAP and Web Services, and internal and external applications.


blue-agile-deploymentAgile development environment

As new sources need to be added, integration flows can be quickly developed and deployed in a fraction of the time it would take traditional integration tools and development to deliver.


blue-enterprise-managementBuilt for the enterprise

A stateless, multi-threaded architecture enables your enterprise to easily scale deployments. Provides an enterprise-class management console for deploying and management of thousands of robots.


blue-built-for-business-userBuilt for business users

Delivers information to business groups in their preferred tool, or connects data directly to business applications and processes, giving users the information to make quick and informed decisions.


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