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iConnect for Human Resources

Powerful HR Solutions

Employee communication is more important than ever before. Keeping track of on-boarding and employee life-cycle information, employee credentials, acknowledgement forms, review forms and other documentation creates a tremendous burden for Human Resource departments. Many times, the communication campaigns become manual efforts handled by HR. If you have thousands of employees, determining if you have current complete and accurate documentation on each employee becomes a significant challenge.

Solutions such as Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms, document repositories, and E-signature platforms help with removing some of the burden from HR departments. However, these different technologies sometimes do not communicate well with each other. It is possible that your HCM may contain different information than your repository requiring you to piece together the employee record from multiple systems. Since your E-Signature platform does not automatically drop your signed documents into your HCM or repository it is up to the user to manually move the signed documents to their final destination.

What if there was a way to automate all of these processes, lights out, from document launch through signature to storage with a high level of security and compliance?

Utilizing our robust technology platform iConnect® we are able to automate key business processes without the need for user intervention.

  • A Business Process is selected (employee on-boarding, policy acknowledgement, etc.)
  • The proper employees are selected from the HCM (Workday, Oracle, SAP, etc.)
  • The proper form is selected to send from the E-Signature Platform
  • The forms are launched. iConnect will automatically send a transaction to each employee selected.
  • The results are tracked. iConnect will automatically poll the E-Signature platform for completed records and will also automatically import documents to employee folders with appropriate security and metadata.
  • iConnect generates a dashboard of real-time reports on all transactions whether they have been completed or are still waiting for employee signature.
  • The iConnect Scorecard dashboard can select employee transactions still deemed incomplete by predetermined expiration date and resend another copy to each employee on the list.

Utilizing the best security and compliance practices, BCS iConnect automatically records detailed transaction history.


BCS iConnect is able to leverage your existing HCM, E-Signature and Repository investments to bring you a modern and automated HR solution that can be used for many different uses. You will see an increase in productivity, security, compliance and record completeness all while reducing the entire department’s overall manual efforts.

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