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Email Import Connector extends the  platform to process documents from electronic sources such as email, fax, file shares or web services. This powerful and intelligent add-on to your capture solution normalizes the inbound electronic content to specific process-ready formats further accelerating business transactions and providing a single solution for capturing inbound electronic documents in any format from virtually any source.

As the use of email becomes increasingly common, organizations are experiencing a 70% increase in email traffic from their customers every year. The ability to respond and act quickly to all such communications is key to a positive customer service experience.

Email Import Connector serves as a single platform that normalizes inbound electronic content to process-ready formats. These capabilities further streamline and accelerate business processes and related transactions that rely on external information, providing a single solution for capturing documents in any format from virtually any source.

Faster Turnaround and Reduced Cost with Expense Management

BCS has implemented a centralized and fully automated expense management process. Employees from all over the world send their expense reports with attached reports, receipts, invoices, etc. to a centralized email address for straight-through processing.

Results: Reduced turnaround times, reduced call volume, higher customer service and satisfaction, cost effective consolidated infrastructure and significant cost savings.

Better Service, Increased Operational Efficiency, Reduced Cost

A US insurance company has implemented centralized capture and straight-through processing of all inbound email from their customers. Classification and extraction of metadata triggers the routing of digital information to the right processes and people. Documents related to claims are consolidated quickly, accelerating claims processing, and contracts and other documents are shared with brokers faster.

Results: Increased operational efficiency, better customer service, faster inquiry handling and more efficient handling of policies, claims and invoices.

Accelerate Document Handling and Comply with Data Privacy Rules and Regulations

A US bank has streamlined and significantly accelerated portfolio and asset documentation through the capture and straight-through processing of emails and documents. To comply with data privacy and data security regulations, all emails and attachments are indexed and routed to the application using SSL encryption. The data flow is monitored through each touch point across the entire organization, from entry to final archive.

Consolidate and Accelerate Invoice Processing

Many customers consolidate the capture of all incoming invoices, whether those invoices arrive via email attachments, fax or paper. The invoices are indexed with metadata at the point of entry and routed directly to the appropriate financial process or application.

Results: Higher invoice processing efficiency, higher data processing quality, better cash management, significantly reduced costs and better supplier relationships.


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