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Cloud Content Services offers businesses a way to backup data and allow remote access to their employees. Cloud-file sharing eliminates the cost of Virtual Private Networks and allows anyone to access files remotely and securely from a myriad of platforms by syncing files in the cloud.

BCS Cloud Content Services can offer you a policy-driven cloud that will grant you complete control over the security and storage location of your data and offers enterprises the same seamless and easy access to documents, folders, images and video as Dropbox and Google Drive offers to individuals.

Cloud Content Services Benefits

  • Give users a secure alternative to consumer tools that keep them productive on all their devices
  • Easily and securely distribute content to large mobile workforces and external vendors, on all their devices
  • Protect document changes in real-time no matter where they are edited
  • Avoid email hassles by sending large files from any device
  • Restrict access, set link expirations, and track downloads with no effort
  • Securely view and edit content in home directories and file shares by placing it in the cloud
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Set access to information for external parties



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