Nearly 80% of all business-critical information is unstructured. These documents are usually stored in a variety of formats including paper, fax, electronic documents on networks, local workstations and e-mail – making it increasingly difficult and expensive to retrieve this critical information when you need it.

BCS helps you import, capture, categorize, control and access important business documents in a centralized, secure manner – increasing productivity, reducing costs and letting you attend to the business at hand. Because your business is unique, our middleware solutions work with your business rules and existing business applications to achieve the results you want from your Enterprise Content Management System.

Each of our application modules are designed to speed your ECM deployment, reduce errors, and automate manual tasks. Our intuitive, business-driven products enable faster transaction processing, automated quality control and effective process management throughout your business.

We create outstanding solutions that make ECM easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to support. For an demonstration of how BCS iConnect works with the KODAK Scan Station 520EX, view it on YouTube here:

View the BCS iConnect and KODAK Scan Station 520EX Demonstration

This video covers it all in a concise format – strategy, savings, installation and how the iConnect embedded software works using the KODAK Scan Station 520EX. Find out how BCS iConnect can save your enterprise 60% or more over your current method of remote document capture and retrieval (250 unit example shown).

Get a personal tour. BCS iConnect along with the KODAK Scan Station 520EX makes distributed document capture "Work the Way People Work" through rapid integration with ERP and Line of Business Applications. BCS iConnect also works easily with virtually any document management system including Microsoft SharePoint. BCS software solutions are comprehensive, simple, adaptable, secure, and scalable.

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